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Free wifi, the unresolved matter of the Spanish Hotels

Spain is situated in the position number 17 of 20 in the ranking of european countries in a percentage of hotels that offer wifi free.

Only 56,8 % of the spanish establishments offer this option. The european average is 67 %. This analysis has been obtained of 125.000 establishments of the HRS’s website. The test has been realized by

Mobility, next revolution, but when?

Four years ago only 8 % of the travellers used his smartphone, today it is the 38 %.

Rates of roaming and lack of specific offer give up the take-off of the sector.

According to the study 'The 2012 Traveller ' realized by Google search, four years ago only 8 % of the leisure travellers used a smartphone to look for information about trips, so this percentage has grown up to the 38 % in 2012. And in case of the business travellers, this datum has been increased from the 25 % to the 57 %. There are predictions about this use, that will increase thanks to the popularization of the tablets. In fact, in the last Think Travel organized the last november in Madrid, Google informed that 2013 would be " the year of the mobile traveller ".