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Get the best mobile internet in Spain with Easymifi

Are you planning a trip and you’d like to get the best mobile internet in Spain? Easymifi is your solution: unlimited internet connection up to 8 devices!

Everybody knows what annoying is to travel abroad and have internet connection problems.

Have you ever experienced the following situations?

Typical internet connection problems

 -Paying overpriced roaming rates. Even they have limited Mbps!

-Looking for WiFi in every restaurant. You spend hours sitting there and using your Smartphone, Iphone or laptop while you’re worry about the unsafe hotspot.

-Waiting until arrive to your accommodation to make a call by VOIP (Skype, Viber…), find tourist information or upload photos to your social media.

-WiFi problems in your hotel: a missed connection, slow connection… It’s impossible to use your devices in the same way as at home!

Nowadays our Smartphone or Iphone are with us in every moment.  it’s so difficult not to use it while travelling abroad. But, don’t panic! Fortunately, Easymifi is your solution.

Why Easymifi is the best way to get mobile internet in Spain?

  • Unlimited internet connection: Don’t worry about the limited Mbps. It’s a powerful 3G router with SIM card also included at full speed up to 21 Mbps. What’s more, it has 20 m coverage! Perfect for don’t lose the connection if you’re in a villa with a big garden.
  • Mobile internet up to 8 devices: it’s up to 8 users so you can connect your Smartphone, Iphone, tablet, Ipad, laptop… at the same time!
  • Pocket WiFi rental: as a pocket WiFi you can carry it with you wherever you go!
  • Easy delivery and return at anywhere in Spain: The Easymifi team takes care about it. It doesn’t matter where your hotel, villa or apartment is located, Peninsula, Canary Islands or Balearic Islands.
  • Rates calculator: thanks to it you can know in advance how much are you going to pay!

mobile internet in spain

A mobile internet in Spain is fantastic if you’re coming because of…

-A family trip: during your holiday with your children Easymifi is very useful. Every member can connect their Smartphone. Moreover, your kids will be in charge because they can watch their favourites cartoons whenever they want.

-A trip with friends: don’t disconnect your Smartphone and use all your Apps. Share all your experiences in Facebook and Twitter. Upload streaming videos to Instagram or Snapchat. It’s amazing listening to music in Spotify while sunbathing on the beach. Be the best tourist guide and you’ll never get lost with Google Maps. Are all advantages!

-A business trip: don’t be stressful for the internet connection problems and don’t miss any email, notification or news.  Keep in touch with your workmates and pay only for the days you’re going to stay here.

Book it now, enjoy Spain and stay connected from 4,50€/day!

Enjoy Fuerteventura with Easymifi, your pocket WiFi in Spain

This autumn experience the delights of Fuerteventura with the unlimited internet connection offered by Easymifi, your pocket WiFi in Spain.

Canarias Easymifi

The autumn months are fantastic to travel, it’s wonderful to escape the crowds. Maybe you’re wondering if the typical rainy days are going to be your company. However, in the Canary Islands this season is almost the best one. Fuerteventura, an island of the archipelago, is well-known for its beauties and its nightlife.

Enjoy day and night: Take a walk on the wild nature of the island, have a swim in the Atlantic Ocean, discover its history and save some energy for dancing when the sun sets.

If you’re one of those people who love to taste the best traditional dishes, you’re in luck. We’re going to list the most popular ones.

Ready for our next stop: Fuerteventura!

What to see:

-Corralejo Natural Park: amazing dunes are found here. You can imagine you’re in the desert! It offers also the possibility to climb the Montaña Roja (Red Mountain) volcano. You can marvel at the spectacular views.

-Playa de Cofete: feel free in this wild beach with its gold sand and its 12 km. The access is not very easy, so it has kept its beauty and tranquillity.

-El Cotillo beach and Lagoons: the Cotillo is a fishing village located on the North West coast of the island. It’s popular for being one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. After watching the sunset you’ll never forget it.

Are you looking for discos and pubs? Visit Corralejo, Caleta de Fuste and Morro Jable.

What to eat:

-Sancocho: a stew which main ingredients are fish, yam and potatoes. So tasty!

-Gofio: a very traditional recipe. The original people from the island made it with milled grain and flour. It’s so nutritious!

-Potatoes and yam: you can taste in the island every kind of potatoes and yam. Red potato, white potato… Mix them with your favourite dish!

Fuerteventura From left to right: Natural Park Corralejo, Playa de Cofete, El Cotillo beach and Lagoons

Explore the island in your way would be a brilliant idea too. Thanks to Easymifi, your pocket WiFi in Spain, you’ll have unlimited internet connection wherever you go. You can carry it with you and use all your software and Apps 24 hours a day! Don’t get lost with Google Maps, film a video and show your friends by Instagram or Snapchat the stunning landscapes. Everything in streaming!

As it’s up to 8 devices, you can connect your Smartphone, Iphone, laptop, Ipad, tablet… simultaneously.  It’s perfect for a family or a group of friends!

We take care to deliver the device into your accommodation: hotel, villa or apartment. It doesn’t matter where is located.

Remember: a powerful 3G router with unlimited internet at full speed up to 21 Mbps from 4,50€ per day!

Planning a trip to Spain? Read our post next week!

See more popular destinations in the Canary Islands: Tenerife, Gran Canaria.

What to see and eat in Gran Canaria with Easymifi, your WiFi in Spain

Escape to the Canaries and discover Gran Canaria, a wonderful place to enjoy the unlimited internet connection. Rent WiFi in Spain with Easymifi! 
Easymifi Las Palmas Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria is a centerpiece of this archipelago. Through this island you’ll find from brilliantly touristy beaches to historic sites and natural wonders.

As well as all that, the typical food is very tasty. So as a reward of your hard work, you deserve to treat yourself to a fantastic holiday.

Shall we start? Take advantage of its good weather and come here in autumn!

What to see:

-Roque Nublo: go into the summit of the island and plan an excursion to Roque Nublo. It’s perfect for a family/friends day out. Located in the small village of Tejada, it’s been declared Rural Park. A jewel of Gran Canaria.

-The Museum and Archaeological Reserve of Cueva Pintada: located in Gáldar,the museum has been built above the remains of the aboriginal town. It’s possible to see all the details of the original houses and caves. The paintings of Cueva Pintada have been declared a Historical-Artistic Monument (1972).

-Dunas de Maspalomas: Maspalomas, Playa del Inglés and Meloneras are the most popular beaches in Gran Canaria. The first one has an especial charm: its lighthouse. And also the Maspalomas Natural Dune Reserve. This beach is full of outdoor activities for the whole family.

What to eat:

-Churros de pescado: a white fried fish recipe from the Canaries. Have a brilliant lunch!

-Piernas de cordero (Legs of lamb): a delicious roast leg of lamb with the tastiest marinade: garlic, species and almonds.

-Garbanzada: a stew which main ingredients are chickpeas, bacon, spicy pork sausage, meat and vegetables. A happy ending to a long day of sightseeing!

Gran CanariaFrom left to right: Roque Nublo, Cueva Pintada and Dunas Maspalomas

Wander through these spectacular places and taste all the mouth-watering dishes. For sharing all your adventures and pictures, Easymifi is what you need. Your WiFi rental in Spain provides you unlimited internet connection 24 hours a day. You won’t have troubles with the megas, and forget about looking for restaurants with unsafe WiFi. Use all your favourites Apps and watch your best series and films. How? As it’s up to 8 devices, you can connect your Smartphone, Iphone, tablet, Ipad or laptop at the same time.

Rent WiFi in Spain from Easymifi and use it whenever and wherever you want: It’s a pocket wifi!

And remember, thanks to the rates calculator you’ll know in advance how much you’ll pay. It’s fantastic!

If you want to know what our next stop is, keep on reading our blog!

What to see and eat in Tenerife with Easymifi, your MiFi in Spain

Discover the hidden treasures of Tenerife and enjoy the Canary Islands with the unlimited internet connection offered by Easymifi, your MiFi in Spain.

Tenerife Easymifi

What do you know about one of the main islands of “the Canaries”? Welcome to Tenerife! An amazing place to relax, enjoy the nature and explore wonderful beaches.

We’re going to unlock the secrets of this island and show you why people come here in summer, winter, autumn and spring! What can you do there?

What to see:

-Beaches: as the island is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, its beaches are marvellous. Golden and black sand, you can choose your favourite! Our recommendations: Abama beach, Agua Dulce beach, “Playa de la Tejita” and Almáciga beach.

-Teide National Park: an UNESCO World Heritage Site. In Cañadas del Teide you find the third tallest volcano in the world. The summits of Pico Viejo and Mount Teide rise up to 3.718 m (12.198 ft). You cannot leave the island without visit it!

-Anaga Country Park: located close to Santa Cruz de Tenerife (the capital), it has been declared a Biosphere Reserve. High mountains, forests and the sea. You don’t need anything else.

What to eat:

-“El rancho canario”: a stew which main ingredients are chickpeas beef, chicken, noodles, and potatoes with vegetables. You’ll probably want to try it twice.

-Rabbit in Salmorejo: fried rabbit marinated in wine and spices. It’s not the same “salmorejo” from Andalusia; it’s the name a different delicious sauce. This dish is usually served with roasted potatoes.

-“Truchas de batata”: it’s a typical dessert for Christmas, but you must try it! Its main ingredients are yellow yam, almonds, sugar, flour and cinnamon.  It’s perfect if you love sweet things.

Tenerife what to see and eatFrom left to right: "Playa de la Tejita", Teide National Park and "El rancho canario"

Embark on an enchanting trip and stay connected with Easymifi, your MiFi in Spain. You’ll have unlimited internet connection 24 hours a day, don’t worry about the megas! As it’s up to 8 devices you can use your Smartphone, Iphone, tablet and laptop at the same time. It’s fantastic to carry with you your MiFi in Spain wherever you go, because it’s a pocket wifi rental! Use your favourites Apps: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Maps… and share your pictures and experiences immediately.

And remember, it’s from 4,50 € per day!

If you want to discover another island of the Canaries, keep on reading us next week!

Exploring the Canary Islands with Easymifi, your MiFi in Spain

The Canary Islands are a perfect destination in any season. Thanks to the unlimited connection offered by Easymifi, your MiFi in Spain, you’ll have a great holiday.


Located on the Southern coast of Africa, the Canary Islands are a Spanish archipelago. Do you know how many islands are there? Tenerife, Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, La Palma, La Gomera and El Hierro. Yes, the main ones are seven, but we cannot forget the smaller islets: La Graciosa, Isla de Lobos…

The Canaries (as we know them is Spain) are a paradise. The average temperature is 17ºC in winter and 24º in summer, an amazing weather during the whole year!

Let’s explore this Spanish treasure!

The culture of the Canary Islands is very rich. Due to the different inhabitants of the islands (from Africa, Spain…) its history has even mythological beginnings. Would you like to know more

We’re going to show you its magical landscapes and the typical cuisine:

Beaches: breath-taking beaches of crystal clear water, with different types of sand: gold, volcanic… You can practise water sports or just relax and rewards yourself with a few days off. There are also exotic natural swimming pools, wonderful places to find the calm.

Nature: the nature is the main beauty of the Canary Islands. There is a subtropical climate. You’ll be surprised because you can see arid deserts, forests and high mountains. You’ll probably have heard about the Teide volcano, in the island of Tenerife. Its Natural Reserves and its National Parks are very popular and full of stunning spots. 

Gastronomy: what’s better than a “plátano de Canarias"? A delicious banana! The potatoes are so famous too. Particularly, “papas arrugás” with a tasty sauce called “mojo picón”. As an archipelago, the seafood is fantastic. Fishes as “mero”, “cherme”, “vieja” are typical of the zone. It’s important to mention the wines and the cheeses of the Canary Islands, with Denomination of Origin.

Canary IslandsFrom left to right: Tenerife, National Park Garajonay (La Gomera), Charco Azul beach (El Hierro).

A trip to these islands would be like a dream come true! Plan it and don’t forget Easymifi, your MiFi in Spain. It offers unlimited internet connection up to 8 devices. You can take it with you wherever you go! It’s so easy to use: you only have to switch it on and enjoy unlimited megas at full speed up to 21 Mbsp. Don’t lose any notification, use Google Maps and discover the hidden Canary Islands! Every member of the family or your group of friends will use the Smartphone, Iphone, tablet, Ipad or laptop at the same time.

What’s more, thanks to the rates calculator you’ll know in advance how much you’ll pay. It’s fantastic, isn’t it?

If you’re looking for more information about the Canary Islands, keep on reading our post next week!