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What to eat in Costa Blanca with Easymifi, your MiFi in Spain

Discover the best restaurants and try the original Spanish paella in the Costa Blanca thanks to the unlimited internet connection offered by Easymifi, your MiFi in Spain.

Costa Blanca Easymifi

Does anybody guess where can you find experts in making paella? As this absolutely delicious dish has its origins in the Valencian Community, the Costa Blanca is the perfect place to enjoy the most typical Spanish recipe.

But, we’re not going to talk only about paella. This amazing coast also offers a wide range of different dishes that will pleasantly surprise the best palates.

Just in case, eat something before you read this, you’re going to be hungry!

-Every type of paella: The Costa Blanca is crazy about paellas. It’s wonderful, exciting and fantastic to choose one… everything but easy. So you should try a different one every day.

-Arroz a banda: a delicious rice which main ingredients are fish and saffron. Usually is served with alioli sauce, a nice mix! A curiosity: it was an invention of fishermen from Alicante.

-Arroz negro: the black rice is very typical in the Costa Blanca and the Costa Brava. It’s a Mediterranean recipe cooked with squid in their own ink and prawns. You can’t miss it during your stay here!

-Fideuá: an incredible seafood dish very similar to the paella. The difference? It has no rice. Could you imagine which is the main ingredient? Noodles. Would you like to cook it at home? It’s an explosion of flavor!

-El turrón de Alicante: if you also like to try something sweet, you must ask for “turrón”. It’s a mixture of cooked honey, nuts, almonds and eggs. It’s a traditional Christmas dessert. 

What to eat in Costa BlancaFrom left to right: Paella, Fideuá and Turrón.

The next step is to come here and explore all these dishes! But, where can you go to be delighted? Find the most important restaurants with Easymifi, your MiFi in Spain. Thanks to the unlimited internet connection, you won’t have any problems with the megas. Discover the secrets places in Costa Blanca, look for tourist information, and don’t pay overpriced roaming rates!

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If you want to know more about the hidden Costa Blanca, don’t miss our post next week!

Top 3 beaches you should visit in Costa Blanca with Easymifi, your MiFi in Spain

Explore 3 of the most popular beaches in Costa Blanca thanks to the unlimited internet connection offered by Easymifi, your MiFi in Spain.
 Costa Blanca Easymifi

If Costa Blanca is the destination for your summer trip, congratulations! You’ve made the right choice. Its fantastic beaches and the good weather will delight you.

First of all, we should show you the top 3 beaches, let’s explore them!

-Benidorm: the unmissable city of Benidorm is known as “Little Manhattan”. The reason? Its tall buildings. The most touristy place in Costa Blanca is attractive for people from all over the world. The Levante beach is an amazing urban beach with a lively promenade full of restaurants, cafes and bars. If you prefer a quiet beach, don’t hesitate to visit Tio Ximo cove and Allplamadrava Cove. Are you looking for the best nightlife? You’ll find it in Benidorm too.

-Santa Pola: this coastal town has many charms: its Salt Pans, its history and… its beaches! The Tamarit beach is one of our recommendations (a blue flag beach from 1998). With fine sand and crystal water, it’s perfect to relax. Gran Playa beach and Coves of Santa Pola del Este are wonderful too. The fishing port is also a must see place here. And pay attention to your travel date! From 31st August to 8th September, they celebrate “Moors and Christians” festival.

-Torrevieja: located in the South of the province, Torrevieja is a coastal town with beautiful beaches. We must highlight its natural swimming pools, for snorkelling is a spectacular place! Moreover, its natural coves are incredible. Particularly, Ferris Cove and Cabo Cervera. If you’re coming with your family, you’ll love La Mata beach. There are activities for everybody.

Costa BlancaFrom left to right: Benidorm, Santa Pola and Ferris cove (Torrevieja).

What’s your favourite? We can guarantee that Costa Blanca will be your most joyful discovery. There are so many ways to enjoy Spain, but what’s better than travel with your family or friends? Easymifi, your MiFi in Spain, is very useful for every kind of travellers.

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Have an unforgettable holiday and keep on reading our post about the typical dishes in Costa Blanca next week, it smells so good!

Why Easymifi is the best mifi for Spain

Are you tired of the internet connection problems while travelling abroad? Forget about it, we’re going to resolve the matter with Easymifi: is the best mifi for Spain.

To rent a mifi in Spain is the best solution if you’re coming to this country for a few days.  But… 

Why Easymifi?

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What type of traveller are you?

Easymifi, the Spanish mifi, has advantages for everybody. Identify yourself with one of the following types of travellers and enjoy all its possibilities!

-Business traveller: even though you’re going to Spain for business, your trip could be very relaxing. Why? You won’t be stress for missed connections and wifi problems in your hotel. You can use your Smartphone/Iphone or laptop 24 hours a day, so you don’t miss any email, notification, warning or news. Make a call by VOIP (Skype, Viber) to your clients or to your partners. You’ll feel at home!

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-Friends trip: after travelling with friends you’re full of funny anecdotes and photos. Why don’t you share it in real time thanks to the best mifi for Spain?  Stop looking for restaurants with wifi, which could be unsafe, and don’t wait until arrive to your hotel for having internet connection. Rent a car and don’t get lost with Google Maps! It would be nice to upload your photos to Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook… your top Apps will be available!

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Enjoy your trip and stay connected with the best mifi for Spain!

Summer holidays in Costa Blanca with Easymifi, your mifi in Spain

Discover the Costa Blanca and its marvellous beaches this summer. Thanks to Easymifi, your mifi in Spain, you’ll have unlimited internet connection everywhere.
Costa Blanca Easymifi

Seekers of a five-star trip: take the opportunity to explore the Costa Blanca, you won’t be disappointed. You can choose among its 170 beaches and coves to have an amazing trip. So, pay attention and take note because our secrets are out:

The Costa Blanca is the touristic name of the southeast coast of Spain. It’s very popular because of its sandy beaches, dunes and steep cliffs. The weather is known as one of the best in the world.  There are so many localities along it and in this post we’re going to show you the main city, Alicante. 


The province of Alicante has a complete offer: wonderful beaches and nature. The capital city (of the same name) was built 3.000 years ago.

Its most important beaches are:

San Juan beach, calas del Cabo de la Huerta, Postiguet beach, Albufereta beach and Isla de Tabarca (Tabarca Island). 

We must go more deeply into this last one. It’s small, but you’ll feel like the king or queen of the Mediterranean Sea. Tabarca is the Spain’s first National Marine Reserve (1986). As you can understand, its rich marine life offers a spectacular diving experience. It’s just 15’ minutes by boat and a worthy place to visit. There you should try “Caldero tabarquino”, a typical dish which main ingredients are “pescado gallina”, small fry, ñora peppers, garlic, pepper and salt. It’s served with potatoes and rice.

Wait a minute. Would you like to do an adventure sport? Are you ready for canyoning? Enjoy climbing, jumping, abseiling, swimming…You can practise it in the following cliffs: Mela, Estret de les Penyes and Fanalic. And don’t panic! It’s possible to choose your level: beginner or advanced.

When sunset approaches, steel yourself with a cool drink, it’s a sight to behold.  And experience the gastronomic delights of Spain here: You’ll find the greatest variety of ‘paellas’, but we’ll explain it in the following posts. 

Costa BlancaFrom left to right: San Juan beach, Albufereta beach and "Barranco de Mela".

Could you imagine your holidays abroad without any internet connection problem? With Easymifi, your mifi in Spain, you can have unlimited internet connection 24 hours a day. And it’s possible to connect up 8 devices simultaneously (Smartphones, Iphones, laptops and tablets of each member of your group of friends or family). Watch films and series while relaxing on the beach!

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Interested in the Costa Blanca, follow us next week!

Exploring the Balearic Islands with Easymifi, your mifi in Spain

The best choice for a fantastic holiday? The Balearic Islands. Explore them thanks to the unlimited internet connection offered by Easymifiyour mifi in Spain.
Balearic Islands Easymifi

The whole year waiting for the summer holidays and finally you’re packing your suitcase to come to the Balearic Islands! Welcome to the perfect weather, the delicious food and the most amazing landscapes.

Come on, get ready because we’re going to explore 3 dream beaches. At least you must visit one of them, you’ll remember your trip all your life. 

-Santa Eulalia beach (Ibiza): located in the village of the same name, Santa Eulalia is a beach with fine, gold sand. Through its long promenade you can find shops, restaurants and coffee shops. If you’re keen on water sports, you’re in luck: there are a wide range of facilities and activities. There is also a marina at one end of the promenade. It’s highly recommended for young people and families.

-Palma beach (Majorca): if Majorca is your favourite island, Palma de Majorca is a must see town. This beach is a wonderful place to relax, but won’t be bored because of its proximity to the capital. There are many cultural and sport activities for the whole family.  In addition to the variety of restaurants and terraces during the day, it offers the best nightlife: discotheques and pubs to celebrate a party.

-Cala Galdana (Minorca): a holiday resorts perfect for a family with children. It’s one of the largest beach in Minorca. You might be pleasantly surprised because it’s possible to hire a boat for 2 or 4 hours. There are several shops, beach bars and restaurants. Everyday you’ll have something different to do! Moreover, it’s very close to famous beaches as Cala Mijtana and Cala Macarella (this one it’s in a walking distance!).

Santa Eulalia, Palma beach and Cala GaldanaFrom left to right: Santa Eulalia beach (Ibiza), Palma beach (Majorca) and Cala Galdana (Minorca).

Which island will you choose? Easymifi, your mifi in Spain, will help you to find one of these wonderful beaches. Why? Because you can use it to prepare your touristic tour with Google Maps. It’s a powerful 3G router that provides unlimited internet at full speed up to 21 Mbps.  Don’t pay roaming rates and enjoy your Smartphone, Iphone, tablet or laptop wherever you go. It would be so good to share your experiences in Spain immediately in your social media (Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram…), don’t wait to go back to your apartment or hotel.

And remember, your mifi from 4,50€ a day for up to 8 devices!

If you’re going to Costa Blanca this summer, don’t miss our post next week!