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What to eat and see in Palma de Mallorca with Easymifi, your mobile wifi in Spain

Discover the capital of Majorca, its best dishes and places to go thanks to the unlimited internet connection offered by Easymifi, your mobile wifi in Spain.
fly to palma de mallorca

Palma de Majorca is the capital of the Mediterranean Island of Majorca. It’s the most populous city of the Balearic Islands. Famous for its beauties, you must go there once in life.  When you think about perfect holiday weather, what comes to your mind? Sunny days and good temperature, even a fresh breeze. That’s the weather here!

Pay attention because in this post we’re going to show you all its secrets, you’re going to be the perfect tourist guide!

What to eat in Palma de Mallorca:

-Tumbet: a tasteful dish for those who love vegetables. Its ingredients are: aubergines, potatoes, peppers and tomatoes. It can be served with pork loin or fresh fish. 

-Frito Mallorquín: a delicious fried meat and vegetable dish. Excellent if you like lamb. It’s also made with potatoes, onions and peppers. You can eat healthy food although you’re abroad!

-Arroz Brut: it’s a soupy rice cooked in a clay pot. For its preparation they use rabbit, chicken or pork and vegetables. Moreover, it’s typical to add sausages like “sobrasada” or “botifarrón”. Usually is the main dish in some celebrations. 

What to see in Palma de Mallorca:

-The Cathedral of Santa Maria of Palma: known as “La Seu”, this is a Gothic Roman Catholic cathedral. It was declared Historic-Artistic monument in 1931. It’s always present if you think about the typical postal card of Palma de Mallorca.

-Sierra de Tramontana: is the main mountain range in the Balearic Islands.  It was awarded World Heritage Status by UNESCO (2011). You must go there and enjoy its stunning landscapes!

Tumbet, Cathedral Santa Maria of Palma, Sierra de TramontanaFrom left to right: Tumbet, Cathedral Santa Maria of Palma and Sierra de Tramontana

It is needless to say that there are fantastic beaches too (for example Playa de Palma and Playa Ciudad Jardín). If you’re looking for an amazing summer time, in Palma de Mallorca your dreams come true. Thanks to Easymifi, your mobile wifi in Spain, you’ll have unlimited internet connection during your trip. Don’t worry about the megas or the overprized roaming rates. This pocket wifi rental provides you 24 hours’ connection and it’s up to 8 devices!

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If you want to know more about the Balearic Islands, keep reading our post next week!

3 beaches you should visit in Balearic Islands with Easymifi, your mobile wifi in Spain

If you’re travelling to the Balearic Islands this summer, don’t miss these 3 breathtaking beaches. Thanks to Easymifi, your mobile wifi in Spain, you’ll enjoy unlimited internet connection anywhere.
Balearic Islands Easymifi

Why everyone falls in love with the Balearic Islands? It’s easy to understand: you’ll enjoy there the most ravishing landscapes. It doesn’t matter which island you go, all of them have a particular charm and, of course, a mind-blowing beach.

Are you ready for exploring some of the best places to go?

-San Antonio Beach (Ibiza): located in Ibiza, San Antonio Beach is very popular among tourists. What can you do there apart from get a nice tan? The wide range of activities includes sailing, windsurfing, parasailing, boat trips… you’d have no time for boredom! It’s a lovely beach with shallow water.

To go for a walk through de promenade is so relaxing; the port is full of yachts, boats and sailing ships. Moreover, San Antonio is known for its sunsets. Many people go to the Calo d’es Moro (close to the city centre) to watch it while drinking or eating in a beach restaurant. 

-Cala Millor (Majorca): do you know that in English its name is “the better bay”? We’re going to explain why. Located in Majorca, Cala Millor is attractive because has 2 km coast with an excellent long promenade. It’s part of the municipal districts of San Lorenzo and Son Servera.

There are several restaurants and many places to practice different sports for those of you who like to be active. It’s considered one of the best beach on Majorca: It worth its name due to the transparent water and the gold sand. You can hire parasols and sun beds! Without a doubt, it has everything for having an incredible family holidays.

-Cala Pregonda (Minorca): many travellers recommend it because its red colour make it special. Its red colour? Yes, the sand has a red tone and the water is invitingly clear. You can feel as you were in Mars! There is only one problem: it’s a long way from the other beaches. However, you can resolve it by hiring a car.

San Antonio, Cala Millor, Cala PregondaFrom left to right: San Antonio Beach, Cala Millor and Cala Pregonda

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If Palma de Mallorca is your next destination, read our blog next week!

Discover the Balearic Islands with Easymifi, your mobile wifi in Spain

Enjoy a dream holiday in the Balearic Islands, a unique destination! Thanks to Easymifi, your mobile wifi in Spain, you’ll have unlimited internet connection wherever you go.
Easymifi Balearic Islands

The Balearic Islands are the favourite choice of tourists in the summer holidays. People from all around the world go there to get away and relax. These Islands offer paradisiac beaches, unforgettable landscapes, a wide variety of parties and good food in a wonderful atmosphere. Are you ready for going for a dip in the blue sea?

But first, it’s time to take you on a quick tour:

  • Where are the Balearic Islands? They are in the western Mediterranean Sea, are an archipelago of Spain. Its capital is Palma de Mallorca, and all of them form an autonomous community.
  • How many islands are there? There are four main islands: Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza and Formentera.

Let’s go to explore them!

-Mallorca (Majorca): is the largest island, it has 550 km of coast. Its beaches and coves are so famous because of the gold sand and clear water. Its breath-taking landscapes will surprise you! Although the best season to go is summer, the temperature in winter is pleasant too. You can do activities as hiking, sailing or climbing during the whole year. Do you know why this island is famous among young people? Because you’ll find there the best nightlife.

-Menorca (Minorca): in this island you’ll enjoy amazing beaches, soaring cliffs and natural parks. You may not know where to start! Menorca was declared Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1993 as a recognition of its environmental diversity. It’s the best place to escape from your daily life and get a breath of fresh air with your family.

-Ibiza: in this island are the most stunning beaches and some of the most popular nightclubs in Spain. You can swim in turquoise water, and sunbathing in front of spectacular views. Watch marvellous sunsets before prepare yourself for the party, because in Ibiza you’ll have memorable nights.

-Formentera: even though is the smaller island, Formentera is exciting too.  It’s has 69 km coastline and if you’re looking for a peaceful place where to find tranquillity, don’t miss the opportunity to go there. In its dunes and beaches you’ll be in contact with the wild nature, it’s impressive. 

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If you want to know the name of the best beaches in Ibiza, Mallorca and Menorca, follow us next week!

What to eat in Costa Brava with Easymifi, your mobile wifi in Spain

Food lovers can discover the typical Spanish flavours visiting Costa Brava. Thanks to Easymifi, your mobile wifi in Spain, you’ll enjoy your trip with unlimited internet connection.
Costa Brava Easymifi

Lovers of Spanish cuisine are recommended to go to Costa Brava. Why? The food you find there has French influence and the mixture is fantastic! As a coast, the fish is the main ingredient in most of the dishes. But we can’t forget that Costa Brava is a very good combination of nature and the Mediterranean Sea. What does it mean? It’s the best place to sample the seafood and different types of meat.

Let’s go to discover the most delicious gastronomic products!

  • For lunch or dinner:

-“Pan amb tomàquet”: bread with tomato. Yes! It’s very typical to eat the tomato on bread. A nice accompaniment for any dish.

-“La esqueixada”: is the name of a cold salad which ingredients are codfish, green and red pepper, onions, black olives and tomatoes.

-“Mar I muntanya”: the translation of this dish is “the sea and the mountain”. The reason is that is a mixture of seafood and products of mountain farming. Could you imagine it? Lobsters, prawns and crawfish with chicken, rabbit meat and Catalan sausage. A wonderful stew with a delicious sauce to dip your bread in!

-Black rice: this rice has a particularity; its black colour comes from the squid ink. Its flavours are an explosive mix which leave you open-mouthed. 

-“La botifarra”: the Catalan sausage. There are many types: botifarra de perol, black or white botifarra… all of them are amazing and you should try it at least once.

  • For dessert:

-“Recuit de drap”: it’s a kind of cheese (cottage cheese), wrapped in a rag. Usually it’s served with honey. It’s so tasty that you will lick your fingers!

-“Crema catalana”: as its name suggest, this is a traditional dessert in Catalonia. Its recipe is easy but… mightn’t it be better to come here and try it yourself?

Costa Brava foodFrom left to right: pan amb tomàquet, mar i muntanya and black rice

Taste all these products in the different bars and restaurants located in the best places of Costa Brava! Because you’re in a restaurant to enjoy the meal, not to look for the wifi code. With your mobile wifi in Spain, Easymifi, you’ll have internet connection anywhere, anytime.  You won’t be worried about the delivery and the return: we take care to bring it to your accommodation.

Do you want to know more about it? You’ll have unlimited internet at full speed up to 21 Mbps, and for 8 devices! It’s very portable and you can take it wherever you go.

So, plan a trip to Spain and have a wonderful experience!

If you want to explore the Balearic Island, read our post next week!

3 places you must visit in Costa Brava with Easymifi, your mobile wifi in Spain

The best places in Costa Brava are secret for most of people. Thanks to Easymifiyour mobile wifi in Spain, you’ll explore them with unlimited internet connection!
easymifi costa brava

As we’ve told in the last post, Costa Brava has a special charm because of its secret coves. If you want to go to Spain but you’d like to visit alternative places, this post is what you’re looking for. Keep reading because this is going to blow your mind!

The following destinations are ideal for a relaxing holiday:

-Tossa de Mar: this fisherman village is located in Gerona. You’ll find there a perfect mixture: wonderful beaches surrounded by wild nature. While you’re staring at the waves, you’re listening the sound of birds flying next to the green trees. What a fantastic picture! Moreover, in Tossa de Mar people celebrate a lot of traditions and organize entertainment activities for the whole family.

-Cala de Belladona: located near to Palamós (a wonderful village) this cove is for families, couples and hikers. It’s a picturesque corner of 150 metres long and 30 m wide and coarse sand. It’s one of the most exotic beaches in Costa Brava. As a natural place, there are just a few services. In particular, a beach bar that only opens during the summer season. Close to Cala de Belladona, you’ll find the Belladona Grossa Island and the small islands of Sant Jordi. In conclusion, it’s a lovely spot with everything you need to switch off from the daily grind.

-Roses: a town full of beaches and coves, this place is mostly chosen for its variety of leisure activities:  sailing, diving, surfing, hiking… but not only you’ll have time to do sport, you can also spend your free time visiting the dolmen of Creu Corbetella and the castle of the Trinitat. We suggest going to Cala Calís, Cala Murtra or Canyenes Grosses if you like wild beaches with deep blue water. 

Costa Brava From left to right: Tossa de Mar, Cala Belladona and Roses.

Do you imagine yourself there? Make it real and plan a trip to Spain! Nowadays we know how important is to be connected wherever you are.

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If you’re interested in Costa Brava, next week we’ll show you what are the dishes you mustn’t miss there!