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Grape Harvest festivals in Spain

You will find many very good, quality wines in Spain which enjoy international prestige. A special time to enjoy this typically Spanish product is in early autumn, when the grape harvest festivals are held. These festivities are an excellent opportunity to participate in the traditions and ambience of the winemaking culture.

September and October mark the arrival of autumn, and also the period when grapes are picked. Every year, the harvest signals the end of the grape-growing season, and after the work is done, it's time to celebrate the good crop in style. The grape harvest festivals that are held in many places in Spain offer a sample of what the world of wine is like, and of its typical popular customs. You are sure to have a good time during these festivities, because the mood of merriment that prevails is contagious. You will also have the chance to see first-hand some of the tasks involved in the winemaking process.

These naturally include the traditional treading of the grapes and the tasting of the first must. Wine-related events are often organised as well, such as tasting sessions, al fresco meals or open days at wineries. The programme usually includes other activities of a cultural nature, such as competitions, folk dances, parades or theatrical productions. The Rioja Grape Harvest Festivals and the Autumn Festivals are among the most famous ones; however, you will find that these celebrations are held in many locations in each of Spain's winemaking areas.

Autumn in Spain brings the opportunity to enjoy this country's wine culture in an easy and fun way. Not to be missed.

More mobile than never

According to new data released by the International Data Corporation (IDC), the number of tablets to be shipped during the last quarter of this year will exceed the total number of PCs (desktops plus laptops) shipping in the same period. But this doesn’t mean that more tablets are being sold then PCs, not yet.
It is estimated that total PC sales for the year will still exceed those of tablets, but tablets are catching up fast and by 2015 tablet shipments will overtake PC shipments.
Smartphones are continuing to sell in high volumes and IDC calculate that 1.4 billion handsets will be sold during 2015. 

Autumn is a great time to visit Spain

The landscape gets green again, the sea stays warm and average air temperatures can still reach up to 28 °C. It’s only in November that temperatures drop to around 20 °C. Heading towards the winter, as the hour changes, daily sunshine reduces substantially. 
Spain is seen as the perfect summer destination and it’s not hard to see why, with pristine beaches and beautiful weather it’s the perfect place to relax and unwind. If you’re considering a break to Spain a holiday during the autumn months is a great time to explore this beautiful, rugged landscape. Depending on where you choose to go temperatures vary but still remain very warm, fewer visitors mean less crowds, giving you the perfect opportunity to get an authentic Spanish experience at a lower cost than at peak season.

No Hotel Internet Connections A Source Of Headache For Travellers

A missed connection can be stressful but it's not the biggest headaches for some travellers. Rather, it's the lack of particular connection that's got some business travellers frustrated.

In an era of in-flight Wi-Fi, smartphone travel apps and near constant wireless connection, no hotel internet connectivity is the biggest source of business traveller's angst according to InterContinental Hotels Group's survey of 10,000 business travellers across the globe.

But this source of stress doesn't stem from a lack of Instagrams or failed Facebook status updates. Instead, an internet connection is what helps business travellers stay connected with their family and makes them feel at home.

The results also reaffirms the findings of a 2012 study that suggests that wireless internet is no longer a nice bonus, it's an absolute must.

The study ranked free Wi-Fi as traveller's most preferred hotel amenity. Last year's poll found that free wireless would make or break a hotel booking for 34 per cent of respondents.

The 5 best restaurants in Spain, suitable for exquisites palates

Gastronomy increasingly enjoys more "privileges" within our culture and Spanish cuisine and our restaurants are being each time much more appreciated around the world. As it is showsed by the list of the best restaurants in the world, and it's to be proud of it, because 5 of the 50 best restaurants in the world have Spanish flavor.

Celler de Can Roca. Has been chosen the best restaurant in the world, but this honorable title is followed by many other "profession colleagues" Spanish people, who are also in the best restaurants in the world. Would you like to know about them? This way you won´t miss a thing in your trips.

Mugaritz. Creativity, design and quality come together in Mugaritz,  they take care of even the smallest details, and the dishes captivate you even before reaching the palate . One of the most outstanding dishes is a chocolate cake with almond cream and cocoa cold bubbles.

Arzak. History and cuisine come together in the restaurant, a true "legend" in Basque cuisine and restaurants in San Sebastian. The Arzak family is always at the first place in culinary innovation and use the most modern techniques in their kitchen, to get spectacular results.

Quique Dacosta. To know another one of these great restaurants we have to go towards the coast of Alicante, where we met with this restaurant with a modern Spanish cuisine, ideal for the most demanding palates. High quality dishes where mixtures of flavors will really surprise you, involved in a minimalist environment.

Asador Etxebarri. Traditional Spanish cuisine has its place, always connected to the scents of wood burned in their grill, that are responsible to give that final touch so peculiar and characteristic to their dishes. From meats to desserts they have that typical taste.