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Enjoy Spring’s celebrations with Easymifi, your mifi in Spain

Do you know that the favourite season of Spanish people is Spring? The reason is quite simple: we celebrate most of our fairs during April, May and June. It’s a great time to visit Spain and discover its traditions thanks to the unlimited internet connection offered by Easymifi, isn’t it?

 If you’re planning a trip to Spain, take it in the Spring! Why? The weather during this season is warm, with sunny days and a wonderful temperature. It is also true that sometimes spring doesn’t guarantee no rain at all, but those raining days in April or May are beautiful too. Particularly in Andalusia, in the South of Spain, while you’re walking on the streets you can smell the sweet scent of the orange blossom, called “Azahar”. You can find even perfumes with this smell!

Not surprisingly, this time is perfect to celebrate the traditional Spanish events. In Andalusia, the fairs are outstanding. But not only fairs, there are festivities all around the country. Easymifi will be with you wherever and whenever you need it for an amazing trip!

Important events you shouldn’t miss:

-Seville April Fair: just two weeks after Holy Week, in Seville we celebrate the fair. During a week, 12-17 April this year, people spend the whole day dancing flamenco songs, eating, drinking and enjoying themselves with friends. It takes place in the “Real de la Feria”, an area full of “casetas”. It’s normal to wear the traditional costume and see beautiful horse carriages. 

-Moors and Christian festival of Alcoy (Alicante): considered a celebration of International Tourist Interest, this typical festivity takes place from April 22-24. It’s a representation of the battles between Moors and Christians during the “Reconquista” (from the 8th century to the 15th Century).

-“Fiestas de los Mayos”, Villamayor de Calatrava (Ciudad Real): this festivity is an ancient tradition celebrated from April 30 to May 2. The inhabitants of the village commemorate their patron saint, the Virgin of the Rosary. A song called the “Canto de los Mayos” and the procession, are included in the list of the Festivities of Regional Tourist Interest.

Spring's celebrations

From left to right: Seville April Fair, Moors and Christians of Alcoy, "Fiestas de los Mayos" of Villamayor de Calatrava

As you have noticed, it would be very pleasant to come to Spain during the following months. Easymifi, your mifi in Spain, will provide you the unlimited internet connection you’ll need for enjoying the celebrations. You’re not going to think anymore “If only we’d had the internet connection while travelling in Spain…”, a pocket wifi rental is the choice you were looking for!

 If you’re taking into consideration Spain for your next trip and you want more information, don’t miss our post about the Seville April Fair!

Exploring Holy Week in Sevilla with Easymifi, your pocket wifi rental in Spain

Do you know we’re celebrating Holy Week in Spain? If you want to spend some fantastic days here, this week is the perfect time. Thanks to Easymifi you’ll enjoy your trip in Sevilla with unlimited WiFi connection up to 8 devices.
Holy Week Easymifi

Although Holy Week is important in most of the cities in our country, in Andalusia is lived in a special way. In particular, Seville has some of the best works of art and the whole city changes its atmosphere for this celebration.We’re going to show you three of the most significant brotherhoods “cofradías” and floats, “pasos” in Sevilla. All of them are performed in the streets in ‘La Madrugá’, the night between Holy Thursday and Holy Friday. 

-‘La Esperanza de Triana’ (Virgin of Hope of Triana)

The brotherhood of ‘Nuestra Señora de la Esperanza’ was founded in 1418 by ceramists. The iconography of the sculpture was made in 1819 by the religious image maker Juan Astorga. It is part of the romanticism religious imagery and the float is standout because of its special iconographic gallery about the Virgin. On 1991 was granted a canonical coronation.

-‘El Gran Poder’ (Jesuchrist of Great Power)

The brotherhood of ‘Nuestro Padre Jesús del Gran Poder’ was founded in 1431. This masterpiece was made by the religious image maker Juan de Mesa in 1620 and it belongs to the realism of Sevilla. One of the characteristics of the wooden sculpture is that has a measure of 1,81 cm, like it was a real human.

-‘La Esperanza Macarena’ (Virgin of Hope of Macarena)

The brotherhood of ‘María Santísima de la Esperanza Macarena’ was founded in 1595. It is difficult to know when the sculpture has been made, between 1624 and 1750. It is thought Luisa Roldán is the religious image maker and it belongs to the baroque realism. It was granted a canonical coronation on 1964.

Holy Week in Sevilla   From left to right: 'Esperanza de Triana', 'Gran Poder', 'La Esperanza Macarena'

Are you impressed because of its beauty? If you’re thinking you should see them firsthand, make the decision on the spur of the moment and come to Spain! Easymifi will be able for you just for the days you’re going to be here and it provides you internet connection without any problems. So you don’t have to be worried about how you could communicate with your family or friends because you’ll have the possibility of sharing your experience in Sevilla at all times.

Take the chance and reward yourself by taking a few days here!

Learn more about Holy Week with Easymifi your rental mifi in Spain

How much do you know about it? Take the opportunity to come to Spain in one of the most important weeks of the year, Holy Week. Easymifi offers you the chance of enjoying your holiday here with unlimited wifi connection up to 8 devices.

Holy Week Easymifi

We’re only few days away from the celebration of Holy Week. Its origins are the annual Catholic commemoration of the Passion of Jesus Christ. During this week, religious brotherhoods, known as “cofradías”, perform processions on the streets and carry the “pasos” or floats, which are representative sculptures from different scenes of the gospel (Passion of Christ or the Sorrows of Virgin Mary). Moreover, in general, a particular music (march) played by a band comes with each “cofradía”.

This celebration is a standout tradition in the Spanish country. Visiting Spain during this week is an excellent opportunity to see firsthand how the Spanish culture is and to avoid the usual stereotyping of these kinds of religious celebrations.

It is essential to understand that apart from having religious values, nowadays it’s a representation of the culture and the Spanish’s art. Holy Week is the perfect occasion for art lovers, because the sculptures are extraordinary masterpieces made by well-known Spanish artists.

Therefore, if you’re planning to go on holiday, wouldn’t you like to live this fantastic experience in Spain? A rental mifi as Easymifi, is perfect for complete your journey because you'll have internet connection whenever and wherever you need it. You could have the chance of being immersed in the Spanish culture.

These pictures show you some “pasos”. Holy Week is celebrated in every city of Spain but particularly in Sevilla, Málaga, Zamora and Granada.

For sure you will have an enjoyable time because of the impressive art experience and of course, because you will be part of such an important event.

It might be possible that after our suggestion you have made up your mind and you’re coming to Spain. If it is so, don't forget to live these days with such as an important service for travelers: Easymifi. It is always enjoyable to share your pictures while you're abroad, so unlimited wifi connection in Spain is always a good choice. Easymifi is the rental mifi in Spain you're looking for because you won't find any problems in the delivery and return processes.

If you want to know more about Holy week in Sevilla, keep on reading Easymifi’s blog next week!

Discover Barcelona with EasyMifi, your mobile WiFi in Spain

Explore Barcelona thanks to the wifi connection up to 8 devices of EasyMifi. This is a cosmopolitan city with gorgeous beaches and breathtaking monuments where you will want to return.
Easymifi Barcelona

Are you thinking about visiting Barcelona? As the liveliest city in Spain full of different cultures, is the perfect place to meet people from all around the world. Barcelona is the favorite destination of families, groups of friends and business people.

Why? Because it is possible to spend your free time enjoyably sightseeing the best of Gaudi’s architecture and as well there are the most important industries of the Spanish country.

The last week Barcelona has been home of the Mobile World Congress, an event which provides the venue for mobile industry networking, new business opportunities and deal-making. The mobile technology is linked with communication, and nowadays communication is a synonym of the internet. Do you need to communicate wherever you are? Are you a communicative person? The lack of the internet connection is one of your biggest problems while travelling abroad? Easymifi offers your mobile wifi in Spain and the realistic chance of sharing the beauties of Barcelona. Stop breaking up your social media abroad.

Gaudí arquitectura - Sagrada Familia

From left to right: Casa de Parque Güell , Casa Battló, Sagrada Familia

A different experience while touring Barcelona

Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city where you can see people from every single part of the world. Such a big city offers you a wide range of cultural activities, like theatres, concerts, cinemas and museums. What’s more, the city has a reputation for making its visitors feel at home, offering them a warm, friendly welcome.If you want to live a unique experience in Barcelona, try the Gaudi’s experience.

There is a workshop in the city centre where you can learn how to do the ‘trencadís’ mosaic, the one created by Antonio Gaudí. It is an activity for the whole family and you can feel like an artist. What is ‘trencadís’?It is a type of mosaic made by irregular ceramic pieces that is very prevalent in modernist structures. Antonio Gaudí used them to construct his greatest works such as the Park Güell, the Casa Batlló, La Pedrera and the Sagrada Familia.

Express your imagination freely in a creative city such as Barcelona! Share it with your friends wherever you are because Easymifi guarantees success in your internet connections.

Don’t put off your trip and visit Barcelona now!


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Your pocket wifi rental in Spain

When you come to Spain, you will want to tell everyone about this, share your experience about internet with your loved ones. Make pictures and videos with your smartphone, you will be able to upload that to the social networks immediately, consult maps and practice information about your holiday place, don`t miss anything, and you can tell what you're living on your blog. Don´t you thing it could be great to do all this without searching for WiFi access points without worrying about paying roaming?

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Thanks to its pocket size, you can have internet at your car or train displacements and also on your walks while you are discovering the city. So comfortable, that you can bring it to the beach to upload things to instagram , for example, a sunrise at the beach.

Wifi router at your home or office that allows you to connect quickly and easily . Why should it be any different during your holiday? We suggest you an "easy" system, rent your Easymifi pack, receive it and return it comfortably, connect throughout the national territory without limits. With an easy payment system , no hidden fees or complications. With the rates calculator you will know in advance how much you will pay for the service. The pack includes a powerful 3G router with SIM card also included . As well as an user guide, USB -micro USB cable and car and sockets connections, .

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A "pocket" device compatible with any device and operating system. Suitable for a single traveller, couples and groups,because you can connect up to 8 people at the same time. Because when you visit somewhere in Spain: Barcelona, Sevilla, Madrid, Valencia, Málaga or great islands like Mallorca, Tenerife and Lanzarote you wouldn`t like to worry about anything more than enjoying the experience.