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3 beaches you must visit in Costa del Sol with Easymifi, your pocket wifi rental in Spain

When you decide to come to Costa del Sol you’d like explore its best beaches, right? Discover where to go and have a fantastic summer trip thanks to the unlimited internet connection offered by Easymifi, your pocket wifi rental in Spain.
Costa del Sol internet wifi

Can you imagine yourself sunbathing while listening the sound of crashing waves?  What a pleasure! Now think about swimming in the warm water of the Mediterranean Sea. How was it? Just exciting for sure. So, after this small experience, you’ll want to come to Costa del Sol (in the South of Spain) and enjoying it without bring yourself back to the reality in a very little time.

If Málaga has convinced you last week, you’ll love the 3 beaches we’re going to show you today: Fuengirola, Benalmádena and Nerja. Are you ready for the summertime?

-Fuengirola: this city was built by the Phoeninicians and Romans. Its 8 km of beaches have been awarded by the Spanish Tourism Quality. What beaches you should visit? Fuengirola Beach, Carvajal Beach, Los Boliches Beach and Castillo Beach.  It’s very relaxing to go for a walk through its long seafront promenade full of restaurants and shops! The Bioparc Fuengirola and the castle Sohail (to know more about it, read here) are incredible places too!

-Benalmádena: situated in the right centre of Costa del Sol, this city offers both: spectacular beaches and nature. It was also awarded with a “Q” by the Spanish Tourism Quality. You should go to: Las Viborillas Beach, Malapesquera Beach and Bil Bil Beach. If you visit this city with your children, you must go to “La Paloma Park” (if you want to know more about it, read this post from and to the Colomares castle.

-Nerja: a must see city in the province of Málaga, Nerja offers activities for the whole family. Its beaches are sheltered by the Sierra de Almijara mountains. What are the most important ones? Burriana Beach, Calahonda Beach, Carabeo Beach. There you can find also the “Balcón de Europa” which was formerly a fortress. Are you looking for more attractions? The Nerja Caves are impressive!

Fuengirola, Benalmádena, Nerja From left to right: Bioparc Fuengirola, Benalmádena and Nerja

Don’t worry if you can hardly wait for your holiday: summer is just around the corner! It’s time to organize your trip to Spain. Easymifi will be very useful to you. The reason? Because it’s a pocket mobile wifi up to 8 devices which provides the unlimited internet connection you’ll need during your time in Spain. Moreover, you can delivery and return it in your hotel or apartment, it’s very easy!

If you’re a nature lover and you want to discover the rural charms of Costa del Sol, don’t miss our post next week!

What to do in your trip to Málaga with Easymifi, your pocket wifi rental in Spain

Málaga is a wonderful city where you can have an amazing trip not only because of its fantastic weather and its beaches, also for all the different activities you can do there. Easymifi, your pocket wifi rental while travelling in Spain provides you the unlimited internet connection you need.

Costa del Sol Easymifi

There are lovely cities but Málaga has an especial charm. Perhaps for its perfect temperature during the whole year, or maybe because of the warm and friendly welcome of the people. Who knows? But the point is everybody loves this place! So we’re going to discover its secrets and show you what to do for having an unforgettable trip.

-Beaches you should visit: La Malagueta and Pedregalejo. The first one is a beach has been awarded a blue flag last year and is the most popular in the city. Pedregalejo beach is parallel to the Málaga’s promenade and it was an old fisherman’s quarter.

-Cultural information and events: Do you want to visit historic monuments? You have also the chance here: “La Alcazaba” and the Roman Theatre. “La Alcazaba” is a fortress palace built in the Muslim period (1057 and 1063), its beauty is incredible! We cannot forget about the Roman Theatre, the oldest monument in the city which is located at the foot of the fortress. What about enjoying a typical event such as The Fair? It takes place on August and people from all Andalusia come there!

-Leisure activities: one of the most emblematic places to go is “El Pimpi”, a bodega bar situated in the hearth of the city. There you can enjoy typical food and wine. Moreover, you’ll discover the Andalusian traditions and of course, the “flamenco”. If you’re an art enthusiast, you must go to the Picasso Museum.  

MálagaFrom left to right: Málaga's beach, La Alcazaba and Picasso Museum

It’s a destination for the whole family, isn’t it? You’ll want to repeat your trip again and again! As it’s necessary to have unlimited internet connection while you’re abroad, Easymifi offers it and it’s up to 8 devices! Don’t wait to go home to share your fantastic pictures and use your pocket wifi rental in Spain!

If you’re now fan of Málaga and its province, next week we’ll show you some of its best beaches! Don’t miss our post!

Discover Costa del Sol with Easymifi, your pocket wifi rental in Spain

If you’re dreaming with your holiday, the perfect destination for enjoying your summer is Costa del Sol. Easymifi, your pocket wifi rental in Spain, will be with you for whenever you need it.
Costa del Sol Easymifi

 As June, July and August are coming, it’s time to explore Spain and discover its best destinations in order to organize your trip. Are you looking for the perfect mix of beautiful beaches, rural comfort and lively cities? You should take into consideration going to Costa del Sol.

Located in Andalusia, southern Spain, it has 160 km coastline. In the province of Málaga (the capital city) you’ll find a large number of touristy villages with breathtaking Mediterranean beaches.

This coast also offers a great experience because of its typical food which deserves to be tasted, at least, once. The “pescaíto frito” and, particularly, “espetos, are delicious and you can enjoy them in the “Chiringuitos” (beachside restaurants). 

We’re going to show you a list of the most popular villages you should visit in Costa del Sol:

-Marbella: this city and municipality belongs to the province of Málaga. It’s famous for its privileged climate (its average temperature is 18,5ªC!) and for being a cosmopolitan city. Many people from outside of Marbella live there so, actually, nobody feels as a foreigner. It’s also remarkable the luxury tourism of Puerto Banús, a port flanked on either sides by beaches where you can enjoy a beach party day and night.

-Torre del Mar: the origins of this village date back to Phoenician times and it’s belongs to the municipality of Vélez-Málaga. Its main beaches? Las Arenas and Torre del Mar. Do you know that its seaside walk is a 3 long km promenade where you can find gardens, sport courts and the light house?

-Torremolinos: this town offers both, a traditional fishing village and a cosmopolitan city. Why? Because it’s the preferred destination of people from all around the world. It doesn’t matter the age; everybody can have a pleasant holiday there. Its 7 km coastline has wonderful beaches with warm water! What’s more, sport tournaments and other cultural events are celebrated there. 

Beaches in Costa del SolFrom left to right: Marbella, Torre del Mar and Torremolinos

Have you fallen in love with Costa del Sol? Easymifi, the pocket wifi rental in Spain, offers you unlimited internet connection and it’s up to 8 devices! Plan your trip to Spain and share your Spanish experiences with your family or friends without any problems!

If you’re curious and you can hardly wait to know more about Costa del Sol, keep on reading our blog! 

A travel guide for the best Spanish beaches offered by Easymifi, your wifi to use in Spain

Summer is coming! What a wonderful season for travelling to Spain and discovering its postcard-perfect beaches while enjoying your free time with family or friends. Easymifi, your wifi to use in Spain, will show you the perfect places to go on holiday and will provide the unlimited internet connection you need!
Easymifi beaches

Have you already planned your holiday? It’s time to choose your destination, book the hotel or apartment and buy the flight tickets. What’s better than dreaming about the splendid summertime? We know Spain offers many attractive destinations if you want to choose better, Easymifi makes available to you a tour guide about the best Spanish beaches.

In the next few weeks, we’re going to disclose the secrets of the most captivating coasts in Spain, are you interested? To begin with, we will show you a list of the best places:

         -Costa del Sol: in the South of Spain (Andalusia) you can find this amazing coast full of beautiful beaches. The main city is Málaga and we should highlight its great atmosphere and its fresh “pescaíto frito” (fried fish).

         -Costa Blanca: in the East Coast of Spain are located Alicante and Valencia, both lively cities with exceptional beaches where you can relax and discover admirable sea views.

         -Costa Brava: if you’re looking for golden sands and impressive landscapes, Costa Brava is your holiday destination. The province of Girona is full of marvellous beaches that you shouldn’t miss.

         -Balearic Islands: maybe you prefer take a ferry and go to an island, do you? The most important Balearic Islands Mallorca, Menorca and Ibiza, are well-known due to their spectacular bays and parties.

         -Canary Islands: We cannot forget about the Canary Islands, where you can go during the whole year considering that the average temperature is 25ºC. Gran Canaria, La Palma, Lanzarote or Tenerife are the most popular ones. In Tenerife you can find ‘El Teide’ an impressive volcano.  

Spanish BeachesFrom left to right: Nerja (Málaga), Cala Almunia (Mallorca), Cabo de las Huertas (Alicante)

As you may realize, it’ll be hard to resist the charms of these fantastic destinations. You can live the Easymifi experience during your trip: this wifi to use in Spain helps you to avoid internet connection problems and thanks to an easy delivery and return you’ll forget about any trouble. Moreover, your whole family or group of friends can enjoy it with up to 8 devices!

To take a closer look into these beaches, follow our blog for the next weeks!

Come to Sevilla during the April Fair with Easymifi, your pocket wifi rental in Spain

Could you imagine a week dancing, eating, drinking and enjoying yourself with your friends? It does exist, and it takes place in Seville. The name of such a wonderful event? Seville April Fair. Easymifi, your pocket wifi rental in Spain, will help you to spend an unforgettable week in Spain.

If you’re an enthusiastic of flamenco songs and dancing, or you want to take a break and relax yourself in Spain, definitely Seville April Fair is an event made just for you. Thanks to your pocket wifi rental, Easymifi, you’ll enjoy this party without any internet connection problems.

What happens during this fantastic fair? 

A long-week party is celebrated in “El Real de la Feria”, an area where there are 1.040 “casetas”.Could you imagine it? There are two different types of casetas: the private and the public ones. Even though most of casetas are private, like a “club” where only memberships or its friends can enter, the public casetas are bigger and everybody can come in.So this is perfect for you, take the chance!

How much do you know about the traditional costume? For women the name is “traje de flamenca” (flamenco dress) and for men “traje de corto”. Not everybody wears the typical outfit, but is an extremely flattering dress.

The horse carriages have an important role too: a large number of carriages walk around the “Real de la Feria” during the week. It’s amazing to see how are decorated, with beautiful accessories.

What about the food and the drinks? People usually drink “rebujito”, a drink whose ingredients are: Manzanilla and Seven Up. Talking about the food we cannot forget the “tortilla de patatas” (Spanish omelette), “jamón” (ham), “croquetas” (croquettes),  and “montaditos” (little sandwiches). You’ll love them from the first sight!

The music is essential: have you ever heard a flamenco song? There is a typical dancing too. It’s very fun to learn how to dance it, and it’s easy!

What is the history of the April Fair?

Since 1846, in Seville it’s celebrated the Fair, but it was originally conceived as a livestock market by José María Ybarra. Because of the increase of popularity, the fair was considered an important festivity. 

Seville April Fair

After reading it, are you ready for coming here? You may make the decision on the spur of the moment and plan a trip to Spain for this weekend, don’t you? Easymifi is your pocket wifi rental in Spain and will be there with you for enjoying the fair because it provides a fantastic service: unlimited wifi connection for all your family or friends. Why? It’s up to 8 devices! The April Fair is perfect for taking beautiful pictures and for sure you’ll want to share them in your social media without any problems.

If you’re interested in another Spring’s celebration read our last week post!

But if you’re thinking about coming to Spain during the summer, follow us and don’t miss our next post!