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Discover Costa Brava with Easymifi, your mobile wifi in Spain

How much do you know about Costa Brava? It’s an incredible destination to explore secret coves! Thanks to Easymifi, your mobile wifi in Spain, you could be connected to internet 24 hours without losing your connection because it’s unlimited!Prepaid Wifi in Costa Brava

It’s truth that Spain offers a large number of paradisiac summer destinations so why you should choose Costa Brava for your holiday? Maybe for its crystal water beaches or for its spectacular sea views… but, the main reason is that you’re going to discover surprising bays.

Why go now to…

-Cadaqués: this village is perfect to escape from your daily routine. White houses, Mediterranean crystal water... all you need to forget your troubles and just relaxing. Don’t miss some of its most famous beaches: Sant Lluís Beach, Ses Noues Beach and S’Alqueria Gran beach.

-Portitxol: a marvellous beach located in L’Escala, you can get there by walking from the promenade of Empúries. However, the beach is not only the main attraction. You can find there the Archaelogoy Museum of Catalunya-Empúries, where, if you’re a historic lover, you’ll learn about Ancient Greece and Rome in the Iberian Peninsula.

-Lloret del Mar: is a village located in the province of Gerona. Its excellent beaches are a mixture of fine and grainy sand. Its names? Well, there are so many: Lloret, Fenals, Sa Boadella, Santa Cristina, Canyelles or Cala Banys. What is our recommendation? If you like fishing or snoerkeling go to Cala Banys. If you prefer a large beach Lloret and Fenals are perfect for you. Finally, we must point out the calm, crystal-clear water from Cala Boadella and Santa Cristina beach.

Costa Brava

Is it not good enough for you? No problem:

There are two wonderful villages which worth a visit:

-Begur and Llafranc: both are one of the most amazing spots on the Costa Brava. In Begur, in addition to its coves and beaches, you can have a nice walk by the old town and watch its historic monuments. Llafranc is well known for being one of the top destination for famous and rich people. As a luxurious coastal town, you’ll enjoy there the cosmopolitan atmosphere and a large variety of leisure activities.

Why to use Easymifi during your trip…

The first reason is that you can have wifi connection wherever you go. Forget about paying roaming charges and don’t miss any notification. Check your emails, make a call by VOIP (Skype, Viber) and don’t break up your social media (Facebook, Twitter…) because you’re abroad. You’ll use your smartphone, Iphone, tablet or laptop in the same way that at home. And do you know what is so important? you can use all the devices you want because it’s up to 8!

Don’t wait anymore and come to Spain this summer.

If you want to discover more about Costa Brava, read our post next week!

Easymifi, your mobile wifi rental, in your home holidays in Spain

To stay in a house during your trip to Spain could be a fantastic idea. But, do you know all the advantages that Easymifi, your mobile wifi rental, offers you for feeling like at home?
Home Holidays Easymifi

 It is known how difficult is to choose a good accommodation for a trip. To rent a home holidays could be the best option because is cheaper than a hotel, you have more than one room, your own kitchen and space for the whole family or group of friends.

However, what is the main disadvantage? The lack of internet connection. But this is not a problem anymore thanks to your Easymifi device, rental wifi in Spain. It’s a router that allows to connect quickly and easily. When you arrive to the house you just only have to switch it on and you’ll have unlimited internet connection.

Advantages of using Easymifi in your home holidays:           

     -The device has 20 m coverage: Did you ever have the experience of being in the garden or in the swimming pool and your mobile or computer loses its internet connection? You won’t have this problem anymore.               

   -Powerful 3G router with SIM card included: you can watch stream live TV of your country, your favourites series or films and your children’s cartoons!              

  -Unlimited internet at full speed up to 21 Mbps: you won’t have any worrying about the megas! You won’t miss any notification or news. Your social media will be working although you’re abroad: send photos and upload videos about your experience in Spain at the moment to your favourite Apps! What’s more, make a call by VOIP (Skype, Viber)!             

   -The wifi is up to 8 devices: yes! Each member of the family or group of friends can connect its smartphone, Iphone, tablet or laptop at the same time. All of you will use it 24 hours without the typical problems of missed connection.               

   -It’s a pocket wifi, so it’s portable: you can carry it with you wherever you go. Plan your tourist tours or find the best restaurants at home but… bring Easymifi! Forget about unsafe public wifi points and looking for hotspots and codes.

why to use Easymifi in your home holidays

Would you like to know more about it?

    -Delivery at anywhere in Spain: it doesn’t matter where your villa is located. You’ll have your wifi in the Peninsula or Balearic and Canary Islands.

Have you thought it could be very useful to be in touch with house-sitter if you have an emergency?

Choose your prepayment wifi in Spain and don’t pay overpriced roaming rates! You’ll know in advance how much are you going to pay because it’s only for your stay in Spain and, very important: you’ll pay less than € 5/day!

What are you waiting for coming to Spain and enjoy your home holidays with Easymifi?

Nightlife in Costa del Sol with Easymifi, your mobile wifi in Spain

After a long day relaxing on the beach, what’s better than enjoy the nightlife in Costa del SolDiscover where to go and what to do to make the most of your holiday time. Thanks to Easymifi,  your mobile wifi in Spain, you’ll have unlimited internet connection during your trip.
Costa del Sol Easymifi

Do you know that Costa del Sol is full of different places to go at night? You should enjoy the beaches in the morning but summer nights are very pleasant too.

We’re going to show the best clubs and pubs for drinking and dancing with your friends!

-Nikki Beach: located in “Playa Hotel Don Carlos” (Marbella), Nikki Beach is one of the most famous beach clubs. As a glamorous place its terrace has incredible views and the service is full of luxury. You can go also during the day for enjoying the swimming pool while drinking a cocktail!

-Sala Gold and Theatre Club: both discos are situated in the hearth of Málaga. Fantastic places to go after having dinner in the city centre, you can dance commercial music and have a good party.   

-Los Álamos Promenade in Torremolinos: along the promenade you find different night clubs as Café del Sol, Mana Playamar and Moliere Playa. In the morning they are restaurants but after the sunset are the best bars to have an unforgettable night.

-Heaven’s Gate, Discoteca Superstar: if you’re hosted in Fuengirola those are popular discos for European people. It could be fun to go there and know people from different places and have a good laugh.   

-Puerto Marina: visit this zone at night is absolutely essential if you’re in Benalmádena. There are so many bars and clubs and it could be difficult to you to choose one! But no problem, are opened the whole night.

Nightlife in Costa del SolFrom left to right: Nikki Beach Marbella, Los Álamos Torremolinos and Puerto Marina Benalmádena 

Would you like to come after reading this post? Now you have a great plan for your summer nights! Your friends will be grateful when you’ll be their personal night guide. However, it would be better if you also tell them about Easymifi, your mobile wifi in Spain up to 8 devices! Forget about internet connection problems and take the pocket wifi wherever you want!

We hope the information about Costa del Sol has been useful to you! Next week we’re going to speak about holiday renting!

What to eat during your trip to Costa del Sol with Easymifi, your pocket wifi rental in Spain

Are you travelling to Costa del Sol this summer? Andalusia is famous because of its food, so you can come to Spain hungry! Discover the typical dishes and enjoy your trip thanks to Easymifi , your pocket wifi rental while travelling to Spain.
Costa del Sol Easymifi

When you have free time you usually feel hungry. This feeling increase if you’re relaxing on the beach and your main concern is not to be burned by the sun. It could be nice to spend your holiday in a peaceful place and it could be wonderful escape from the daily routine but… actually you’re dreaming with a cold beer and ‘fried pescaíto’.

As you’ll see, your desires are orders so, we’re going to talk about the typical Andalusian food you shouldn’t miss.

Imagine this situation: you’re sunbathing but your stomach is screaming because of the smell of the food from the beach bars. Don’t worry, you should stand up and go there, don’t be lazy! 

First of all, ask for a cold beer, or a cold ‘sangría’, or why not? ‘tinto de verano’. Maybe you prefer wine. We have an offer for you too: ‘Pajarete’ (a traditional sweet wine from Málaga).

Now your first drink. For sure you’ll feel better, but you’re still hearing the shouting. You should order ‘aceitunas’, are the perfect snack!

We’re going to show you what you must eat to calm your stomach:

- Salmorejo what is it? A cold cream made of tomato, oil, bread and garlic served with Spanish serrano ham and hard-boiled eggs. Do you want its recipe? You must begin with it! 

- ‘Pescaíto frito’ (fried fish): in Andalusia everybody eats fresh fried fish. What types? Anchovies, cuttlefish… but in Málaga you must try ‘Espeto de sardinas’ (sardines). You can see it in every beach bar.

- ‘El campero’ : you can only eat this sandwich in Málaga or in its province. So, you’re lucky! The ingredients are almost infinites. However, the typical one has ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. What else? Chicken, bacon, Spanish omelette, tuna… whatever you can imagine!

Andalusian foodFrom left to right: "salmorejo", "espeto de sardinas" and "campero"

As you have seen, a trip to Costa del Sol could make your stomach happy! For enjoying it without any troubles, Easymifi is your pocket wifi rental which provides you unlimited internet connection. What’s more, it’s up to 8 devices and your family or friends can use it too! Come to Spain and share photos of the dishes at the moment!

If you want to know how to live a day in Costa del Sol as the Spanish people really do, read our post next week!

3 nature activities to do in Costa del Sol with Easymifi, your pocket wifi rental in Spain

If you’re a nature lover and you’d like to spend your holiday in Costa del Sol, you’re lucky: the province of Málaga offers a large amount of rural activities. Come to Andalusia and enjoy your trip thanks to Easymifi, your pocket wifi rental while travelling in Spain.
Costa del Sol Easymifi

 Costa del Sol is a well-known destination because of its wonderful beaches but, what happens if you prefer climbing or hiking? Don’t worry, Málaga has also what you’re looking for.Are the whole family ready? It’s fantastic to organize a trip to Spain but, first of all, you should know which are the 3 best open air activities in Costa del Sol:

-“El Caminito del Rey” (The King’s Little Pathway): is the rural activity par excellence in the province of Málaga. What is it? A route whose total length is 7.7 km, that means three or four hours walking. It is located in “El Desfiladero de los Gaitanes” (the Gaitanes Gorge) and the access is in the towns of Ardales or Álora. A perfect place to take incredible photos!

-"Parque Natural Torcal Antequera" (The Torcal Natural Reserve): situated 45 km north of Málaga, is a Nature Site of National Interest since 1978. It’s important for its stones, which belonged to a marine sedimentary rock that dates from the Mesozoic age. The vegetation you find there it’s amazing too. It’s a marvellous place to visit with children, they can live a different outdoor experience.

-"Reserva Natural Laguna Fuente de Piedra" (Laguna de Fuente de Piedra Natural Reserve): this reserve is located in the north of Málaga. The lagoon covers an area of 1,354 hectares and, mainly, it’s famous for being the second largest flamingo colony in Europe. Moreover, is home to aquatic birds as shelducks and gooses. Definitely worth a visit!Caminito del Rey, Parque Natural Torcal de Antequera y Reserva Natural Laguna de Fuente de Piedra From left to right: Caminito del Rey, Parque Natural El Torcal de Antequera y La Reserva Natural Laguna de Fuente de Piedra

Breathe fresh air and be out of town for a while! But thanks to Easymifi, you don’t have to be out of your social media: It provides the unlimited internet connection up to 8 devices that you need during your trip. With easy delivery and return, you won’t have any trouble, so come to Spain and discover its nature beauties!

Do you like the typical Andalusian food? Don’t miss our post next week!