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Long term rentals in Spain: Spanish food variety

Prepare yourself to a rich food culture. Discover how to enjoy food in your long term stay with Easymifi, your internet wifi in Spain.

If you know how to move in Spain, we are quite sure that a very important aspect if you have some long term rentals in Spain is to have an idea of what you are going to eat. Long term rentals in Spain mean a huge immersion in Spanish culture and the best you can do is, at least, prepare your mind and stomach to a new environment.

As we always say, the access to information and internet is crucial and for this reason we invite you to stay connected and use the internet wifi in Spain provided by Easymifi.

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To go straight to the point, the first thing you should consider about Spanish food is that you’ll have a lot of different choices. We don’t want to debate here to decide if it is the best or not the best cuisine in the world, but we are sure that one of its characteristics is to be varied.

It doesn’t matter if you like meat or fish, if you are vegetarian, if you prefer sweet to salty or if you are following a diet: Spanish food provides a great range of tastes and options.

Look at the picture here below!

From left to right and bottom up: croquettes, Iberian ham, broken eggs with pork sausage and a cuttlefish sandwich

We have just talked about Spanish cuisine variety. It’s true: however, if you live in London for example, maybe here in Spain you won’t find the same variety from the point of view of how many different cuisines you can enjoy. I mean, London is very famous because it’s a city that can offer a great range of cuisines. We can say that in Spain (despite big cities have, of course, a lot of various kinds of cuisines) the situation is quite different: there are much more Spanish restaurants than other ones and some cuisines like Indian, Chinese or Turkish (except for Granada, a city with an historical kebab tradition) are not so well represented as in the Uk.

We want to finish this post remembering that meals times in Spain are completely different from the English ones. In Spain you have lunch between 2 and 3 p.m. (or later, it depends in the season as well) and dinner between 9 and 10 p.m. (the same for lunch, it’s not so uncommon have dinner at 11 p.m when it’s very hot).

Are you ready to deal with this change of habits? As we have already said before, the only way to “survive” is to keep the communication with your loved country.

Stay connected with the internet wifi in Spain provided by Easymifi and enjoy your long term rentals in Spain without any kind of worry like: “Where is the best restaurant here?”. Open TripAdvisor and choose one!

There are a lot of normal and common things that we can only do thanks to the wifi connection: Easymifi allows you to be comfortable as you were in Uk but enjoying Spanish beauties!

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See you next week!