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Long term rentals in Spain: how to move in Spain

If you have chosen a long term rental in Spain and you are thinking of moving, you need to know how to do it. Discover it with Easymifi, your Spanish mifi.


If you are going to stay here for a long time (more than 30 days), it’s possible that you are interested in visiting an Autonomous Community or the most important cities of Spain: if it is like this, it’s important to know how to move and the best way to do it.

If you go to Madrid or Barcelona, the biggest cities in Spain, and you only want to stay there in order to discover every secret of these historical and famous cities, we suggest you to read our previous post.

But if you are planning to visit an Autonomous Community or several cities in Spain, keep on reading.

The best options to visit an Autonomous Community are:

-        Trains: there a lot of different trains that can help you reach the cities you want to visit inside the Autonomous Community you have chosen.

Our advice is to go to the web page of Renfe:

Use this URL and you could see all the connections from the specific Autonomous Community you are interested in.

-        Autobuses: if your plan is to visit only a Community, to move by autobus can be a great idea. Look at Alsa web page, one of the leaders in the autobus market, and discover how long and how much the journey is.

If you’re going to visit several cities in Spain, maybe you should include more options like:

-        Airplanes: despite trains are a good way to move among the most important cities of Spain (with the high-speed AVE a trip Barcelona-Madrid only lasts 2 hours and 30 minutes), some times buy an airplane ticket is better. Actually, if you want to go from Barcelona to Málaga (for example), an airplane ticket could be better because:

it’s cheaper: many times, (especially if you book with low cost airlines) an airplane ticket is cheaper.

It’s faster: Barcelona-Malaga with AVE means a 6 hours trip, while by airplane it’s less than 2 hours long.


So, prepare yourself to deal with the Spanish transports: as you already know the best way to make the right decision is choosing among different alternatives.

And to do this, you need an internet connection that works in all Spain, with no limits and easy to carry with you. Easymifi is a mifi rental in Spain with these characteristics and you can book it from only 4,5€ a day!

What are you waiting for? Enjoy your long stay with Easymifi and stay connected!