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Get the best mobile internet in Spain with Easymifi

Are you planning a trip and you’d like to get the best mobile internet in Spain? Easymifi is your solution: unlimited internet connection up to 8 devices!

Everybody knows what annoying is to travel abroad and have internet connection problems.

Have you ever experienced the following situations?

Typical internet connection problems

 -Paying overpriced roaming rates. Even they have limited Mbps!

-Looking for WiFi in every restaurant. You spend hours sitting there and using your Smartphone, Iphone or laptop while you’re worry about the unsafe hotspot.

-Waiting until arrive to your accommodation to make a call by VOIP (Skype, Viber…), find tourist information or upload photos to your social media.

-WiFi problems in your hotel: a missed connection, slow connection… It’s impossible to use your devices in the same way as at home!

Nowadays our Smartphone or Iphone are with us in every moment.  it’s so difficult not to use it while travelling abroad. But, don’t panic! Fortunately, Easymifi is your solution.

Why Easymifi is the best way to get mobile internet in Spain?

  • Unlimited internet connection: Don’t worry about the limited Mbps. It’s a powerful 3G router with SIM card also included at full speed up to 21 Mbps. What’s more, it has 20 m coverage! Perfect for don’t lose the connection if you’re in a villa with a big garden.
  • Mobile internet up to 8 devices: it’s up to 8 users so you can connect your Smartphone, Iphone, tablet, Ipad, laptop… at the same time!
  • Pocket WiFi rental: as a pocket WiFi you can carry it with you wherever you go!
  • Easy delivery and return at anywhere in Spain: The Easymifi team takes care about it. It doesn’t matter where your hotel, villa or apartment is located, Peninsula, Canary Islands or Balearic Islands.
  • Rates calculator: thanks to it you can know in advance how much are you going to pay!

mobile internet in spain

A mobile internet in Spain is fantastic if you’re coming because of…

-A family trip: during your holiday with your children Easymifi is very useful. Every member can connect their Smartphone. Moreover, your kids will be in charge because they can watch their favourites cartoons whenever they want.

-A trip with friends: don’t disconnect your Smartphone and use all your Apps. Share all your experiences in Facebook and Twitter. Upload streaming videos to Instagram or Snapchat. It’s amazing listening to music in Spotify while sunbathing on the beach. Be the best tourist guide and you’ll never get lost with Google Maps. Are all advantages!

-A business trip: don’t be stressful for the internet connection problems and don’t miss any email, notification or news.  Keep in touch with your workmates and pay only for the days you’re going to stay here.

Book it now, enjoy Spain and stay connected from 4,50€/day!