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Enjoy Fuerteventura with Easymifi, your pocket WiFi in Spain

This autumn experience the delights of Fuerteventura with the unlimited internet connection offered by Easymifi, your pocket WiFi in Spain.

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The autumn months are fantastic to travel, it’s wonderful to escape the crowds. Maybe you’re wondering if the typical rainy days are going to be your company. However, in the Canary Islands this season is almost the best one. Fuerteventura, an island of the archipelago, is well-known for its beauties and its nightlife.

Enjoy day and night: Take a walk on the wild nature of the island, have a swim in the Atlantic Ocean, discover its history and save some energy for dancing when the sun sets.

If you’re one of those people who love to taste the best traditional dishes, you’re in luck. We’re going to list the most popular ones.

Ready for our next stop: Fuerteventura!

What to see:

-Corralejo Natural Park: amazing dunes are found here. You can imagine you’re in the desert! It offers also the possibility to climb the Montaña Roja (Red Mountain) volcano. You can marvel at the spectacular views.

-Playa de Cofete: feel free in this wild beach with its gold sand and its 12 km. The access is not very easy, so it has kept its beauty and tranquillity.

-El Cotillo beach and Lagoons: the Cotillo is a fishing village located on the North West coast of the island. It’s popular for being one of the most beautiful beaches in Europe. After watching the sunset you’ll never forget it.

Are you looking for discos and pubs? Visit Corralejo, Caleta de Fuste and Morro Jable.

What to eat:

-Sancocho: a stew which main ingredients are fish, yam and potatoes. So tasty!

-Gofio: a very traditional recipe. The original people from the island made it with milled grain and flour. It’s so nutritious!

-Potatoes and yam: you can taste in the island every kind of potatoes and yam. Red potato, white potato… Mix them with your favourite dish!

Fuerteventura From left to right: Natural Park Corralejo, Playa de Cofete, El Cotillo beach and Lagoons

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Planning a trip to Spain? Read our post next week!

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