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What to eat during your trip to Costa del Sol with Easymifi, your pocket wifi rental in Spain

Are you travelling to Costa del Sol this summer? Andalusia is famous because of its food, so you can come to Spain hungry! Discover the typical dishes and enjoy your trip thanks to Easymifi , your pocket wifi rental while travelling to Spain.
Costa del Sol Easymifi

When you have free time you usually feel hungry. This feeling increase if you’re relaxing on the beach and your main concern is not to be burned by the sun. It could be nice to spend your holiday in a peaceful place and it could be wonderful escape from the daily routine but… actually you’re dreaming with a cold beer and ‘fried pescaíto’.

As you’ll see, your desires are orders so, we’re going to talk about the typical Andalusian food you shouldn’t miss.

Imagine this situation: you’re sunbathing but your stomach is screaming because of the smell of the food from the beach bars. Don’t worry, you should stand up and go there, don’t be lazy! 

First of all, ask for a cold beer, or a cold ‘sangría’, or why not? ‘tinto de verano’. Maybe you prefer wine. We have an offer for you too: ‘Pajarete’ (a traditional sweet wine from Málaga).

Now your first drink. For sure you’ll feel better, but you’re still hearing the shouting. You should order ‘aceitunas’, are the perfect snack!

We’re going to show you what you must eat to calm your stomach:

- Salmorejo what is it? A cold cream made of tomato, oil, bread and garlic served with Spanish serrano ham and hard-boiled eggs. Do you want its recipe? You must begin with it! 

- ‘Pescaíto frito’ (fried fish): in Andalusia everybody eats fresh fried fish. What types? Anchovies, cuttlefish… but in Málaga you must try ‘Espeto de sardinas’ (sardines). You can see it in every beach bar.

- ‘El campero’ : you can only eat this sandwich in Málaga or in its province. So, you’re lucky! The ingredients are almost infinites. However, the typical one has ham, cheese, lettuce, tomato and mayonnaise. What else? Chicken, bacon, Spanish omelette, tuna… whatever you can imagine!

Andalusian foodFrom left to right: "salmorejo", "espeto de sardinas" and "campero"

As you have seen, a trip to Costa del Sol could make your stomach happy! For enjoying it without any troubles, Easymifi is your pocket wifi rental which provides you unlimited internet connection. What’s more, it’s up to 8 devices and your family or friends can use it too! Come to Spain and share photos of the dishes at the moment!

If you want to know how to live a day in Costa del Sol as the Spanish people really do, read our post next week!