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Of all the apps available today for different platforms, GlobalWebIndex has listed the top 10 apps most actively used by the 969.49 million strong global smartphone population. According to data released by GlobalWebIndex, Google Maps is the most used smartphone app, with over 54 per cent of the global smartphone population using the app in the last month.
Though the Facebook mobile app may seem to be the most widely used app by smartphone users, but it is ranked a distant number 2. The app is used by 44 per cent of global smartphone users, Google Maps is a good 10 per cent ahead.
After topping the list with its Google Maps app, Google also takes number 3 with YouTube (35 per cent) and number 4 with the Google+ Mobile App (30 per cent).

Weixin/WeChat makes it to number 5 and the research reveals that the Chinese-based service is being actively used by the 27 per cent of the global smartphone population.
At number 6 is Twitter's mobile App with a 22 per cent active usage, closely followed by Skype and Facebook Messenger, with both scoring 22 per cent.
Online messaging service WhatsApp is used by 17 per cent of the global smartphone population and takes the number 9 spot. While WhatsApp is very popular in India, it is worth noticing that Weixin/WeChat and Facebook Messenger are more widely used globally.
At number 10 is Facebook-owned picture app Instagram, which has been actively used by the 11 per cent of the global online population in the last month. Twitter's video-sharing app Vine still has long to go to catch up with Instagram and is also behind Foursquare, Shazam, Flickr and Yelp. Vine is ranked at number 17 and is used by only 2 per cent of the global smartphone population.