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Until 8 devices can be connected simultaneously: Iphone, smartphone, tablet, laptop, chamber,  etc.

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Unlimited connectivity,
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* up to 150 Mbps

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If you’re dreaming with your holiday, the perfect destination for enjoying your summer is Costa del Sol. Easymifi, your pocket wifi rental in Spain, will be with you for whenever you need it.
Costa del Sol Easymifi

 As June, July and August are coming, it’s time to explore Spain and discover its best destinations in order to organize your trip. Are you looking for the perfect mix of beautiful beaches, rural comfort and lively cities? You should take into consideration going to Costa del Sol.

Located in Andalusia, southern Spain, it has 160 km coastline. In the province of Málaga (the capital city) you’ll find a large number of touristy villages with breathtaking Mediterranean beaches.

This coast also offers a great experience because of its typical food which deserves to be tasted, at least, once. The “pescaíto frito” and, particularly, “espetos, are delicious and you can enjoy them in the “Chiringuitos” (beachside restaurants). 

We’re going to show you a list of the most popular villages you should visit in Costa del Sol:

-Marbella: this city and municipality belongs to the province of Málaga. It’s famous for its privileged climate (its average temperature is 18,5ªC!) and for being a cosmopolitan city. Many people from outside of Marbella live there so, actually, nobody feels as a foreigner. It’s also remarkable the luxury tourism of Puerto Banús, a port flanked on either sides by beaches where you can enjoy a beach party day and night.

-Torre del Mar: the origins of this village date back to Phoenician times and it’s belongs to the municipality of Vélez-Málaga. Its main beaches? Las Arenas and Torre del Mar. Do you know that its seaside walk is a 3 long km promenade where you can find gardens, sport courts and the light house?

-Torremolinos: this town offers both, a traditional fishing village and a cosmopolitan city. Why? Because it’s the preferred destination of people from all around the world. It doesn’t matter the age; everybody can have a pleasant holiday there. Its 7 km coastline has wonderful beaches with warm water! What’s more, sport tournaments and other cultural events are celebrated there. 

Beaches in Costa del SolFrom left to right: Marbella, Torre del Mar and Torremolinos

Have you fallen in love with Costa del Sol? Easymifi, the pocket wifi rental in Spain, offers you unlimited internet connection and it’s up to 8 devices! Plan your trip to Spain and share your Spanish experiences with your family or friends without any problems!

If you’re curious and you can hardly wait to know more about Costa del Sol, keep on reading our blog! 

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